To order the Orlando Sentinel, you can click HERE, click on the pink SUPPORT US tab in the lower right hand corner of any page or click on the word PRODUCTS in the main menu.  Thank you so much for your support,  STF

Orlando Sentinel Customer service number 1-800-359-5353

If I am a current subscriber, am I eligible for your discounted subscription rates?

The Promotional rates are available for new subscriptions only.  Current subscribers are not eligible to apply these promotional rates to their existing subscription.  However if your selected paper allows, customers may add additional subscriptions for couponing purposes as long as their existing account is not cancelled until original agreed upon terms.

What if my subscription has just ended or recently been canceled?

Policies only permit new subscription prices for customers who have not been current subscribers for the last thirty days or existing customers in good standing.

How do I renew an order?

The Simple Truth Foundation does not handle renewals.  Please contact the customer service representative from your paper and they will help you renew over the phone.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, any personal information we receive from you is private and confidential.  All financial information such as credit or credit or debit cards and log-in information is encrypted for secure transmission.  

What happens after selected term is over? Do I need to call and cancel if I wish to discontinue service?

Yes, should you wish to discontinue the service after promotional period, contact the customer service department from your paper and let them know, otherwise service will continue.

Are the rates subject to change?

All rates are subject to increase after your initial subscription period; however, you may cancel at any time.

What if I cancel before my term has ended? 

If you subscribe and take advantage of any of our premium offers, and then cancel subscription prior to the agreed upon terms, you will be charged for the value of any premium received such as gift offers.

What happens if I have trouble with my delivery?

If you have any problems with your delivery services, please contact customer service at your local paper.

How soon can I expect the paper to paper to be delivered?

In most areas, new orders begin within 5 to 10 business days after the order request is received.

How many subscriptions am I allowed to order?

Please check your selected paper for how many papers are available in your area.  Currently the Orlando Sentinel allows up to 4 subscriptions per household

Can I request to not receive Premium Issues?

Please call the Orlando Sentinel at1-800-359-5353 to request not receiving premium issue editions at the Orlando Sentinels discretion.   See below for full Premium Issue details

Available in the following counties only:


  • $4.95 Orlando Sentinel processing fee per order
  • All subscriptions may include up to eight Premium Issues per year.  For each Premium Issue, your account balance will be charged an additional fee up to $3.99 in the billing period when the section publishes.  This will result in the shortening of your paid billing period.
    • Billing Period Premium Issues To Date Include:
      • Foodies/Dining in Central Florida 1/29/17
      • The envelope 2/26/17
      • Orlando City Soccer Season Preview 3/5/17
      • ReDiscover Florida 6/25/17
      • Explore Florida Travel 10/15/17
      • Thanksgiving Day Edition 11/23/17
      • Year End Review 12/17/17
    • Dates are subject to change without notice