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Orlando Sentinel Subscriptions

   13 Weeks              or             52 Weeks


Available in the following counties only:


  • Not valid for P.O. Boxes or Correctional Institutions.
  • Not valid to those who have received delivery in the past 30 days – unless it is for additional subscriptions to an existing subscription.
  • Limit 4 total subscriptions per delivery address, including existing subscriptions already receiving
  • $4.95 Orlando Sentinel processing fee per order
  • All subscriptions may include up to eight Premium Issues per year.  For each Premium Issue, your account balance will be charged an additional fee up to $4.49 in the billing period when the section publishes.  This will result in the shortening of your paid billing period.
    • Billing Period Premium Issues To Date Include:
      • Central Florida Business Forecast 1/21/18
      • The envelope 3/4/18
      • Foodies 3/18/18
      • Explore Florida Travel 5/6/18
      • Neighborhood Guide 6/24/18
      • Football Preview Guide 8/26/18
      • Fall Arts Preview 9/9/18
      • Election Preview 10/21/18
      • Thanksgiving Day Edition 11/22/18
      • Year End Review 12/23/18
    • Dates are subject to change without notice

Please read our FAQ’s link for most asked questions about Orlando Sentinel Subscriptions






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