Coupon Class Overview

The Simple Truth Foundation is a non-profit organization created for one simple purpose, to provide help wherever help is needed. Our mission is to provide financial, educational, spiritual and emotional support for families, children and communities which have fallen on difficult times.

Our initial focus was to launch a series of couponing classes designed to teach families the value of simple savings, as a viable way to help balance the household budget.  All classes are free to attend and are taught by experienced, certified coupon instructors.

About Simple Truth Classes

We all eat and purchase groceries every month. Why not stretch your budget much further? Coupons are an excellent source to make your dollar extend much further. If you could get one hundred dollars worth of groceries for fifty dollars or less, wouldn’t you? Our classes teach you everything you need to know to start saving money and send you on a grocery adventure. Think of this as the ultimate money-saving scavenger hunt and you are in competition with the stores. The more money you save on groceries, the more money you can save or apply to other bills. Using coupons is an amazing way to save money on products you already purchase and use every day in your household… so why not save money where you can? All it requires is diligence and time to cut coupons and organize them. The value of our class is phenomenal, only costs you two hours of your time and is well worth it if you can cut your grocery bill in half!

What You Can Expect at a Simple Truth Class

Our classes will last anywhere from one to two hours. During this time you will be amazed at what you learn and may even be inspired to begin donating your surplus to food banks. The core of this class will be giving you as much information as possible but following that, you will be able to ask as many questions as you need to. Classes tend to be full so please try to get there early if you would like to choose a particular location to sit. Also we recommend that you come prepared with supplies for taking notes. We look forward to meeting you there!

Host a Coupon Class

Now you can bring this valuable program to your organization, company, church or social group.
Give a jingle, (407) 490-3404 or drop us email:
If you are interested in teaching a coupon class and would like to join our team, we would love to hear from you!