Find Manufacturer Coupons

 The best place to find manufacturer coupons is in your Sunday paper. There is a secret here too, buy at least 4 subscriptions so that you’re maximizing your savings and time. Dont’ cut them, file the insert by date then go to your favorite blogger and follow the match up advice. You only cut when you’re ready to use the coupon, which makes planning roughly an hour per week.

Manufacturer coupons can also be found on the Internet. Simply do a Google search for Manufacturers Coupons. A great one to visit is at Please keep in mind though, that going directly to a coupon datasbase is the hard way. A much faster and easier way is to do your planning through your favorite coupon blogger who will do your match ups for you.

Free manufacturer coupons can sometimes be requested by visiting the manufacturer’s web site.  The free manufacturer coupon requires some information, and then the free coupon will be mailed to you.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do buy only what you and your family needs for a two to four month period
  • Don’t buy a coupon from a clipping service
  • Don’t pay to download coupons
  • Do buy extra items to donate to food banks but please don’t deplete the shelf – leave some for others
  • Don’t overstock to sell to others – very unethical
  • Don’t photocopy coupons
  • Do only use one manufacturer coupon per item