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CU Logo                              Mary Edwards – Couponers United

Mary EdwardsI’m a work at home mother of 4 living just outside of Orlando.

I began couponing not long after my decision to be a stay at home mom. Just before my 3rd child was born, I left my job as a nurse to be home with my children. Couponing has REALLY helped make ends meet, especially now with the current economy. I started “super couponing” and stockpiling about 2yrs ago.




Fran Tivald 

FranTivaldFran’s Coupon career began at an early age. He would lick and apply Triple S Blue stamps and S&H Green Stamps to fill their redeemable books. Then he would drive his Grandmother around town to redeem the books and enjoy coupon savings. The Family’s first Encyclopedias were redeemed with stamps from the A&P! Fran believes in helping others, you help yourself. He has taught many of the 1500+ free classes presented by the Simple Truth Foundation. He has occasionally been referred to as “Fran the Coupon Man.” One of his favorite phrases is “Watch the prices dip as you clip!” He enjoys teaching the ease of Couponing in today’s marketplace and looks forward to helping people save time and money in the future.

Perry McCartney 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.49.15 PMFounder and President of the Simple Truth Foundation. A father of 7 wonderful children and 10 grandchildren… A lifelong entrepreneur and a person with dedicated faith.   Perry started the Simple Truth Foundation with one purpose in mind, “To provide help…where help is needed”.   In his efforts to reach out and establish programs that can make a difference he discovered the value of Couponing. The Simple Truth classes introduce couponing not only as an alternative way to help families balance budgets by getting back to the basic principles of “A penny saved is…a penny earned “ but, to also help instill the values of helping others.   Our slogan encapsulates our philosophy “By helping others…we help ourselves”

The Simple Truth Foundation has sponsored and taught more than 1,500 free couponing classes throughout the state of Florida over the past 5 years. Currently supports more than 200 food pantries and has recently implemented a how to start your own food pantry guidance program.