About Us

Mission Statement

The Simple Truth Foundation is a nonprofit organization created for one simple purpose, to provide help…where help is needed!  Our initial goal is to provide financial, educational, spiritual and emotional support to food pantries and families that have fallen on difficult times or are in need of additional aid.  Our intent is to develop programs that will inspire people and organizations to get involved and stay involved.  To bring awareness to the value of helping others, to teach our children the joy of giving and shifting the overall focus of the world from our overwhelming problems to a united commitment towards solutions.

In Helping Others…We Help Ourselves!

With the economic downturn and difficulties many families are facing today, the need for simple things like food and basic household necessities are a growing concern.  With financial assistance spreading thin, many families are turning to their local churches and food pantries for help.  Unfortunately, the demand is becoming greater than the supply.  The mission is to provide much needed awareness and support to these pantries and families through a series of education and awareness programs.

Value Statement

The Simple Truth Foundation is committed to the highest standard of excellence and integrity in everything we do.  On behalf of the people and communities we help, our employees, volunteers, contributing partners and ourselves, we are proud to know that through our collective good we will make a difference in people’s lives.  We will continually recognize that people are the lifeblood of our success and will treat them with the utmost respect, dignity and appreciation.  We obtain our greatest accomplishments from doing what’s right.  We know that how we do things, is as important as what we do.  Together we can make a difference.

Contact Information

Simple Truth Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 61843
Orlando, FL 32861
(407) 490-3404 | (407) 319-1817